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PDI-Curves is a software package that works with PDA-W to allow Pile Analysis engineers to evaluate data from a number of Dynamic Pile Test (DPT) hammer blows side by side . Using PDI-Curves the DPT data is displayed and plotted both numerically and graphically for comparative investigation and presentation purposes. PDI-Curves is particularly useful in the evaluation of the DPT data where pile damage is detected or tension and compression driving stresses are of concern.

PDI-Curves combines plots versus time of Force-Velocity (required by ASTM D4945), Wave Up-Wave Down, Energy-Displacement and Force-Velocity-Wave Up from multiple PDA-W files in one single document. PDI-Curves displays up to five customised graphs, five blows from a cast in place pile or one representative blow from up to five driven piles, on one page.