Our Equipment

What we use for the job

The Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) is purpose built for Dynamic Pile Testing. During Dynamic Pile Testing the PDA is used to collect high quality strain and acceleration data from a pile being driven into the ground using a pile driving hammer or drop weight. The PDA conditions and digitises the data and runs the PDA-W program which computes over 150 engineering properties related to the pile driving process including pile forces, velocities, displacements and soil resistance estimates. This data is presented by the PDA, in real time, with each hammer blow numerically and graphically.

Pile Analysis use the most recently introduced Pile Driving Analyser (PDA) the model PAX-8. The PAX-8 has the advantage of being able to collect eight channels of data, four strain and four acceleration, this is particularly advantageous when testing very large diameter driven piles and cast in place piles. The PAX-8 with two channels of piezoresistive acceleration measurement allows the measurement of energy from a SPT hammer.

The PAX-8 has the following features:

Pile Analysis give the most efficient and safe site operation carrying out Dynamic Pile Testing using the PAX-8, smart gauges and wireless sensors. The wireless connectivity between the gauges mounted on the test pile and the PAX-8 PDA is an advantage on all sites but is of particular advantage on marine projects where a main cable connection between the gauges and the PDA is particularly difficult to manage. Always keen to find ways to make site safer Pile Analysis realise that the replacement of the main connection cable between the gauges and the PDA eliminates a potential hazard and therefore contributes to site safety.