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Dynamic Load Testing of piles is included in Eurocode 7, ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls and The Federation of Piling Specialists Technical Guides. Data collected from the impact of a pile driving hammer or drop weight is analysed to give information about pile bearing capacity, pile integrity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and many other parameters valuable to the piling engineer. The method can be applied to all pile types.

Dynamic Load Tests are performed on driven or cast in place piles usually to confirm pile bearing capacity. The test is carried out using a PIle Driving Analyszer (PDA) to acquire force and velocity data from the side of a pile when it is subjected to a blow by a pile driving hammer or drop weight. The data is analysed by the PDA during the test, using the PDA-W program, to give more than 150 parameters for calculation and display in real time with each hammer blow. Selected data is later analysed using the CAPWAP software to give final report results including pile shaft and toe soil resistance together with the computed pile top static load versus deflection curve similar to that that would be obtained from a static maintained load test.

Dynamic Pile Testing is relatively easy to carry out on a driven pile site as it utilises the installation hammer and requires no special pile perparation. It is usual to test three to four piles in a couple of hours and CAPWAP analysis can be carried out immediately after testing. Final reports can be issued the same day.

Testing from Pile Analysis is carried out by staff who have worked on major projects around the world and have more than 30 years experience in Dynamic Pile Testing. We operate the most up to date test equipment, the Pile Driving Analyser PAX-8, utilising wireless connectivity between the instrumentation and the monitoring unit. Additionally this unit can transmit live test data to an offsite expert for immediate evaluation and analysis.

Data quality is of paramount importance at Pile Analysis and is ensured by the use of "Smart Gauges". These sensors have a built-in chip that contains a unique reference number and all calibration information. When used with the "Wireless Transmitters" the sensors talk to the Pile Driving Analyser automatically registering all the information required to ensure data integrity.

On or off site data is analysed by an Pile Analysis expert with world-wide recognition using the latest PDA-W, PDAPLOT, PDICurves and CAPWAP software.

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