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Sonic Echo Pile Integrity Testing is included in Eurocode 7, ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls and The Federation of Piling Specialists Technical Guides. Data collected from the impact of a hand held hammer is carefully analysed to investigate the uniformity of a pile.

Pile Analysis recommend the use of the Sonic Echo Test also known as the Pulse Echo Method. A small hand held hammer impact is deliverd to the pile's surface, usually the pile top, although data can be obtained from the pile shaft. An acoustic wave from the impact propagates down the pile shaft, variations in pile shape and material quality produce reflections of the wave, which are observed as they return to the pile surface. Surface vibrations are recorded until all primary reflections have been observed. Reflections are then interpreted, considering their nature and times of observation, to assess pile integrity.

The surface vibrations are detected by means of an accelerometer attached to the pile. Although the acceleration curve could be interpreted directly, integration to velocity generally enhances the record by bringing out details otherwise overlooked. The acceleration data is therefore digitzed and stored in the PIT-X memory, and it is numerically integrated to produce a velocity signal.

Data is analysed by our experts using the PIT-W professional software the most advanced analytical software available. For more complex time or frequency domain test data analysis the program incorporates "PROFILE" which allows the full modelling of the pile profile. PIT-S is also available for quickly testing pile/soil profile scenarios that could produce the test pile response recorded during the test.

Sonic Echo Pile Integrity Testing can be applied to most types of concrete pile . Testing from MKM is carried out by staff who have worked on major projects around the world and have more than 30 years experience in Pile Integrity Testing. We operate the most up to date test equipment, the PIT-X, utilising wireless connectivity between the instrumentation and the monitoring unit.

Pile Analysis use a combination of advanced analytical software and expert analysis in data evaluation to make our service suitable for all your testing needs. Please contact us with any questions you may have about Pile Integrity Testing.